Supply regulations

Supply regulations

The supply of your trolleys always happens in a standardised way, only this way Euroveiling can guarantee you smooth sales and distribution.

In order to do so, we use supply regulations that apply to both flowers and plants, as well as to auction trolleys and CC’s. Bellow you will find an overview of these supply regulations.

TIP: Present your trolley in a logic way with sufficient letters. A beautiful and clear presentation will result in better prices.

ATTENTION: For several specific products, during certain periods in the year, a special supply regulation is applicable. Detailes information about the supply of these products can be found bellow.

  • Supply of lily of the valley (Flowers)
  • Supply of bedding plants – start CC-sales
  • Supply of potted chrysanthemums in autumn – start CC-sales
  • Supply of large-headed & half-thick chrysanthemums (Flowers)