As soon as your supply is ready to be sold, it can be prepared for transportation. As a grower at Euroveiling, you can benefit our logistic facilities.


For unloading your supply, you can enter the building and park your vehicle in the covered supply hall. Furthermore, you can use one of the 15 available loading docks.


In case you don’t have you own transport, Euroveiling will get you into contact with external transport companies, that will take care of the transport of your products under the ideal circumstances.



No later than 30 minutes before the start of the auction, the loading docks need to be cleared for the buyers.


  • To transport your unloaded products to the walk-in fridges, you can use our free “tractors”.
  • During the delivery times, there is always a Euroveiling colleague present, in case you would have questions.
  • Letters to mark your parties are available at several spots at Euroveiling.
  • In case you haven’t printed your EAB in duplicate, you can still do so at our touchscreens.