Fust and trolleys

Fust and trolleys

During the entire process of supply, it is important your carefully grown products are packed and transported in a correct way.

The Euroveiling fust depot is happy to provide you the correct packaging materials as well as transport aids.


Fust is automatically registered at the moment it is rented and when it is sold.

A full overview of fust accepted at Euroveiling and corresponding prices, are available upon demand.


To order fust and CC’s, you can contact the fust depot by phone or mail, every weekday until 11:00

The ordered fust or CC’s are ready for pick-up the same day and are positioned in the hall behind the loading docks. To prepare your orders, a fee of 2,5 euros is charged. The fust form is attached to your order and had to be signed and presented to the department manager.


When you already prepare your supply at your company, sooner or later you will have to rent Euroveiling auction trolleys. Also, for this you can appeal to Euroveiling - please bear in mind these stay property of Euroveiling at all time. As a new supplier, upon your inscription you indicate how many Euroveiling auction trolleys you think you will be needing, afterwards you my collect them in the distribution hall. For every Euroveiling auction trolley, a guarantee will have to be paid.

When picking up/ receiving the Euroveiling auction trolleys, you must write down the number of trolleys, your grower number and trolleys number in your trolley booklet. The original needs to be put in a special letter box, and the copy you can keep.

ATTENTION: Euroveiling auction trolleys that are not covered by a guarantee, can't leave the auction! Exceptions need to be discussed in beforehand with the department manager. Euroveiling auction trolleys can only be used for transport between Euroveiling and grower and always need to be accompanied with a supply form.

  • Only CC-Containers with a legitimate CC TAG5 are accepted (green lock)
  • Please verify not to return broken CC containers or shelves – these will not be refunded.
  • Via our extranet you can check your stock of CC containers & shelves 24/7.
  • In case you notice you have received a damaged packaging - you need to report this to the customer service or fust depot asap.
  • Please remember a day fee is charged for CC containers and shelves. Make sure to bring back your quantities to “0” asap.