Webshop / Clock presales

Webshop / Clock presales

With the Euroveiling website, you can sell your supplied products, till one hour before the start of the auction at prices fixed by you. On Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays you can sell up to 55% of your supply, on Mondays even 100%.

This digital purchase channel is very much appreciated by suppliers, because you can take full control pricewise.

In order to offer your products via the webshop, you only need to mention a competitive webshop price on your EAB.

  • Extra certainty due to fixed grower prices.
  • Popular sales channel for specific parties or products that are only supplied in limited numbers.
  • Fixed grower prices, per day.
  • Only a few minutes after uploading your products of into the system, they appear automatically in the webshop (until one hour before the start of the auction.)
  • Your products don’t have to be physically present at Euroveiling, in order to sell.
  • Buyers don’t have to be present in the morning at Euroveiling, to buy your products.
  • Only flowless products can be offered in the webshop (quality code 000)
  • Easy to use search functions, help buyers to quickly find the products you supply.
  • Via the extranet, directly after the auction you can check how many lots you have already sold via the webshop.
  • Always use competitive prices, this will definitely stimulate your sales.
  • Like RB, representative images are a must, for remote buyers. Once buyers know the products you supply match the accompanying image, they will be more likely to buy your products in before hand on the webshop.

Besides our own webshop, Euroveiling offers their buyers the possibility to buy at other digital platforms. (Like Hoven & De Mooij & Waterdrinker). This way they can expand their assortment even more.