To sell your products on the clock, via webshop or via the intermediary service – you first need to take care of a filled out electronic supply form (EAB) and send it over to Euroveiling. In order to do so, you can use our extranet!


In addition to prepare your supply form for the next auction, with this umbrella website, you get access to the different functionalities that are 24/7 digitally available, both on desktop as well as on tablet & smartphone!


  • Check the offer of the next auction – this way you know exactly which products, growers and numbers you can expect. Handy filters make sure you immediately find what you ae looking for.
  • Choose the right logistic aid and complete your supply form for the next auction.
  • By means of a clear menu, you can easily fill out all “fields”, and safe and print your supply form to attach to your trolleys.
  • You have been contacted by one of our intermediaries, regarding a specific order for a buyer? Use the intermediary menu of extranet for this specific order, print it and attach it to the ordered articles.
  • When you often supply the same products, you can create “templates” via the menu “Admin”. With this function you can avoid entering each time the same data, when you prepare your EAB. With one click, your pre-set supply lines will appear.
  • Via the menu overview – a list is generated with all the trolleys you have prepared.
  • Within this list, you can still make some changes, print the supply forms or delete entire trolleys – in case they don’t contain products that already have been sold on the webshop.
  • Do you like to follow-up with your administration? Via our extranet, your daily reports and week invoices are 24/7 available in PDF-format. 
  • Verify your turnover of the last 8 years – this way you know how you evolve with us.
  • Download your proforma remotely – as soon as your trolley has been sold and export it to a CSV-file.
  • Consult the history of your sales or check your monthly turnover.
  • Do you use CC’s? Always keep track of the in and outgoing movements of your CC containers and shelves. You can only return/sell CC’s you collected beforehand. Your stock of CC containers and shelves can be checked on your daily reports!


Furthermore, suppliers can also use our extranet to check, directly before the auction, how many trolleys with flowers and plants are ready to be sold, whish row numbers have been picked and at what time the auction stops.

To use our extranet, you need to have a grower number, password, internet and e-mail address. The password can be obtained at the reception of Euroveiling or via our extranet.


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