Delivery times

Delivery times

To organize you in an efficient way, it is important to know when you can visit us for your delivery. By means of the table bellow, we provide you an overview of the actual delivery times of Euroveiling, dependant on the summer or winter time.

Please enter the building min. 15 minutes before closing time.






      from / to     from / to                      









04:30 - 20:00

03:30 - 16:00

06:00 - 20:00

03:30 - 14:00

03:30 - 16:00

No permanency






18:00 - 20:00












Annual 2022


Do you prefer an overview of an entire year? at the bottom of the page you can annual calendar of Euroveiling. This calendar contains useful information about additional selling days, national holidays and other important events.

Year-end planning 2021-2022

Especially during the year-end at Euroveiling, special selling days with modified opening hours or no auction at all are possible. Also, this planning can be downloaded at the bottom of the page.

For more info : T +32 2 241 00 50 ·