Together with a large and deep assortment and excellent service, also quality is one of the most important pillars of Euroveiling. We personally look after correct information is displayed on the clock front – to make sure you know what you buy!


Early in the morning – sufficiently before the auction, a team of quality inspectors start inspecting the supply. Every day, they oversee the quality indication and transparency of information and reinspect where necessary.


For a correct indication of quality and information, the supplier is responsible and the principle of “honest self inspection” I applicable. In case a reinspection is necessary, the supplier can risk a sanction.



There are hundreds of inspection codes, but you don’t have to learn them by heart. Apart from the inspection code itself, also the description is displayed on the clock front – so you see immediately what you buy.


At Euroveiling a product of perfect quality carries code “000” (no remarks). In case there is a product with an inspection code, this is clearly shown.


Bellow you can find an overview of all inspection codes.



When you notice as a buyer the quality, sorting or numbers do not correspond with the provided information, you can address yourself to the customer service.

Please remember complaints must be communicated within 24hours after your purchase:

  • Are you physically present at the auction? Please address yourself immediately tot he customer service of flowers and plants.
  • You are not present at the auction? Please send a mail tot he customer service incl. clear and enough images.

Always keep the transaction number of the product in question with you, this way we can help you quicker.


Besides inspection codes, a supplier can also take additional measures that infect their supply in a positive way, like pre-treating and adding extra lightning to their products.


Especially “004” or ecological culture, where the supplier does extra efforts to present a product – as ecological as possible - to the auction clock is very much appreciated by our buyers.


Bellow you will find an overview of the positive remarks.