Waste disposal

Waste disposal

A sustainable use of materials out of respect for human and nature as well as a reduction of our ecological footprint, is an important core value for Euroveiling. For this reason, a new regulation for the disposal of corporate waste has been worked out.

Committing our self to his goal will help us reduce the impact to the planet as well as guarantee a clean work environment.

More specifically it bottles down to the fact, that waste that derives from the auction, ALWAYS need to be returned in a separate way, at the provided locations:

RECYCLING POINTS - for small quantities of individual waste
  • Paper & cardboard
  • Plant trays
  • Plastic films

These recycling points always consist of 3 distinct trolleys. An overview of the locations can be found bellow.

FUST DEPOT - for larger quantities of waste, offered in a sorted way
  • Paper & cardboard (always to be offered in a box)
  • Plant trays (stacks per type or tied together)
  • Plastic films (always to be offered in a plastic bag - NO black garbage back)
  • Sorting waste that derives from the auction is free.
  • Transparent bags to sort plastic films, are available in the fust depot.
  • Avoid sanctions for unauthorized dumping and do not leave garbage on your trolleys.
  • Plastic plant pots can be sorted together with plant trays.