When your flowers and/or plants have been distributed and inspected, they can be loaded in your vehicle or be prepared for transportation.

To load your purchases, you can enter the building after the auction, and park your vehicle in the supply hall or on a reserved parking that is not taken. In case you own a truck, you can also use one of the 15 free loading docks.


Normally you pick up your purchases immediately after the auction, or at a later moment if you use the RB, webshop or commissioner. We always insist to inform the customer service if you collect your purchases after the general opening hours.

Flowers that are not immediately collected after the auction, first are lined up on the right hand side of the distribution hall (distribution flowers) and at a given moment automatically moved to a separate space for “unclaimed trolleys” – at the back on the left of the walk-in fridge.

For plants, the same arrangement counts. These can be found on the left-hand side of the distribution hall (next to the wall) or in the mid hall. 

  • Products purchased via the intermediary office & our external digital platforms, can be found on a trolley from 06:00, and can be picked up immediately.
  • For larger purchases on multiple trolleys, you can ask one of our co-workers on a “tractor” to deliver these to your vehicle. This service is free.
  • Pregnant or due to circumstances temporarily disabled? Please contact our customer support for assistance when loading your vehicle.
  • In case you use an external pick-up service (e.g. Taxis Verts) or send somebody else to pick-up your purchases, always make sure these people carry your proforma. This way, the Euroveiling co-workers can help them faster.

Zorg er wel voor dat uw bloemen en planten uiterlijk na de volgende verkoopdag meegenomen worden. Zonder voorafgaande melding, en in alle gevallen dat zij langer dan toegelaten blijven staan, wordt er een gebruiksrecht per dan en per kar aangerekend.