Fust and trolleys

Fust and trolleys

During the entire purchasing process, it’s important flowers and plants are packed and transported in a correct way.


When loading your purchases, you will notice several types are available, and each of them is treated in a different way:



Suppliers can choose out of wide range of fust to present and protect their products. The following types are used:

  • Single-use fust: disposable flowers and plant boxes, normtrays, cardboard covers, plastic foil etc.
  • Multi-use fust: reusable flower boxes and plant tray, Euroveiling & Flora Holland flower buckets and supports etc.

All fust – in case it’s part of the sold product – is automatically registered at the moment of the purchase. Also, the fee on trays or containers is automatically added, when buying. A complete overview of all available fust at Euroveiling with corresponding prices, is available upon request.


Depending on the way products are sold, 2 types of trolleys can be used:

  • Auction trolleys: for the purchase of flowers in general, and plants per “tray” or “piece”.
  • CC-containers / Danish containers: for the purchase of plants per “shelve” or “container” (e.g. With the sales of Chrysanthemums)

Just like multi-use fust, also CC containers (bases and shelves) are automatically registered when purchased. 


As a buyer you have the choice to return your fust and CC’s the same day or at a later moment. This can be done at the fust depot (packaging): a big warehouse where the entire stock of fust and containers is handled.

  • Multi-use fust: these need to be returned on a trolley in an ordered way (separate piles per type of fust).
  • CC’s: these can be returned as full containers or dismantled.

Please take into account, all CC Containers (bases and shelves) are subjected to a day rent. Always make sure you balance is at “0”, by returning your containers the same day!


After loading your purchases, you will end up with one or more auction trolleys. These don’t have to be returned at the fust depot and can be left on the parking, where they are collected non-stop, by some co-workers.

  • Offer your multi-use fust in piles of 10 pieces – this simplifies the counting and verification afterwards.
  • Always verify the “fust receipt” you receive at the fust depot. If something is unclear, we can immediately help you on.
  • Only CC-Containers with a legitimate CC TAG5 are accepted (green lock)
  • Please verify not to return broken CC shelves – these will not be refunded.
  • Via our extranet you can check your stock of CC containers 24/7.
  • Always use the grey containers, when emptying your flower buckets.
  • Wet and/or damaged cardboard boxes (multi-use fust) will not be refunded.
  • After the auction, in case you notice you have received a damaged box - you need to report this to the customer service asap.