For a buyer, it’s crucial your products are distributed correctly and as fast as possible.


As soon as a row of trolleys physically has passed the auction clock, they are sent directly to the distribution hall – where co-workers divide the sold products over the distribution trolleys of the buyers. For every product they put on your distribution trolley, a transaction sticker is placed on the bar of your trolley.

The distribution of flowers and plants always takes place separately and already starts at the beginning of the auction, to make sure your purchases can be checked easier. When you are ready buying, you need to wait around 20 minutes, before the last product is placed on your distribution trolley.

Before going to the distribution hall to pick up your purchase, you pass the pro-forma room located centrally in the main hall – where you can print your proforma by means of your buyers’ badge (Dallas Key). On this document, your buyer and distribution number are mentioned, as well as all the products you bought via several purchasing channels, so you can check everything in the distribution hall..

  • Please consider, full trolleys are buffered, this can be done in the distribution hall as well as next to the plants customer service office!
  • Always check your trolleys thoroughly in the distribution hall and report remarks immediately to the customer service.
  • When meeting predetermined conditions, you can ask for a fix distribution number. (For more info, please contact the reception desk)
  • In case of webshop purchases, always double-check our proforma to be sure everything has been delivered to your trolley.
  • When you are buying via the commissioner, he will print out your proforma and check your trolley.

For products that arrive via the intermediary office & external digital platforms, a separate distribution will take place, completely isolated from the clock sales. The location of the distribution depends of the type of purchase (flowers or plants) and the moment they arrive:

  • Hoven en De Mooij, Qualirosa & Welyflor: Distribution hall / Flowers – next to the office of “Customer service flowers”.
  • Waterdrinker: Distribution hall / Plants – next tot he office of “Customer service plants”.
  • Intermediary flowers: Walk-in fridge 1 / 2 – at the back
  • Intermediary plants: Supply hall – behind the clocks