Remote buying (RB)

Remote buying (RB)

With our system of remote buying (RB), you can buy – remotely – on the auction clocks, without having to be physically present at Euroveiling in the morning.


This system gives you acces to all the necessary auction clock information, and enables you to consult a list with the entire supply of the next auction day, so you can prepare your purchases. Everything is supported with live streaming to follow the entire supply of the auction.


You can download the RB software for free on our computer. If you don't have one, Euroveiling can supply you a fully installed laptop (subject to conditions).


  • Certainty about product and price.
  • Buying – from home – virtually on 5 auction clocks.
  • Images and live streaming to correctly judge what you are buying.
  • Buying simultaneously a 2 auction clocks.
  • Daily fresh products, directly from the grower.
  • 90% of the offer incl. images is already available the evening before the auction. (Preferably logging in after 19:00), to mark parties in advance or to set (variable) prebits.
  • (Variable) prebits give you the opportunity to buy at market-oriented prices, without having to be connected to the system.
  • The computer can buy for you.
  • Before starting with the RB, you will get an extensive explanation and training to get you familiarised with all functionalities.
  • These sessions always take place on the balcony of the auction hall in front of auction clock nr° 5 (presentation corner for novelties), where you are assisted by a Euroveiling co-worker to buy with the RB directly on the clock.
  • In case you are totally new to Euroveiling, we teach you first to buy on the physical auction clocks to provide you with info on the growers, products and auction principles. Only afterwards an RB is prepared for you, to buy with.


  • You are not obliged to pick up your purchases in the morning, you can also come later that day.
  • Combine your purchases and drive only 1 x to Euroveiling or order only 1 x transport.
  • Please do NOT contact us in case of your number is not valid or a your internet isn't working. In these cases your guarantee isn't sufficient or you have a poor connection.
  • Always use a location with a stable internet connection, when you start buying virtually.
  • The use of the RB is free, when the terms and conditions of use are respected. For more info, please contact the reception of Euroveiling: +32 (0)2 241 00 50 or