You want to enjoy the advantages of the clock - but cannot or do not want to go to Euroveiling?


In that case you can work with our commissioners, where you pass on orders by phone, fax or mail to our purchasers. Both in the flowers as well as in the plants they know exactly what their clients prefer? They can buy exclusively by a list, but can also provide special products, novelties and/or bargains, so you on your turn can do a promo.


Everything will take place fully as per your request and the trust and freedom our purchaser receive.

  • Geniet van de scherpste prijzen op de markt, zonder hiervoor 's morgensvroeg op te staan of aanwezig te zijn.
  • Enjoy the most interesting prices in the market, without having to be present or to get up in the morning.
  • Daily fresh products, straight from the grower.
  • Your purchases are being checked on site and are ready for pick-up one hour after the end of the auction.
  • You save a lot of time and effort, for only 1,5% additional commission.
  • Benefit from the experience of our people, that know the growers, products and auction principles as no other.
  • In case you like to pass on a specific order list, you can consult our extranet the evening before - this way you know exactly what products will be presented on the auction clock. (Always clearly communicate the name of the cultivar, the stem length and the requested numbers)
  • The more freedom granted to our commissioners, the easier for them to buy a nice assortment for you at competitive prices.

Before your first order, we establish contact with our purchasers so they can visualize your shop. This can be done at Euroveiling, by phone or on location. Important here is you provide them with as much information as possible as well as clearly communicate your wishes and expectation.