Clock sales

Clock sales

Despite a strong digitalisation in our sector, our auction hall with 510 seats, remains the beating heart of Euroveiling. Three times a week, we make sure a wide assortment of quality flowers and plants, is being presented on the clock.

Sales pass via 5 auction clocks that display all relevant information to the buyer, such as the product name, the grower, price, quality… The final price is determined by supply and demand.

You can buy with a simple push on the button!

  • Buying in the morning, at the most interesting prices in the market.
  • Daily fresh products, directly from the grower
  • Assortment and quality can be checked on site, before the start of the auction.
  • Daily opportunities - go for great deals!
  • Your purchases fully processed in your shop, the same morning.
  • Your purchases are ready for pick-up, 30 minutes after the end of the auction.


  • The minimum order quantity at Euroveiling = 1 fust in the flowers and 1 tray in the plants, NOT a full layer or trolley.
  • You are not obliged to pick-up your products in the morning, you can also do it in the afternoon.
  • Becoming a Euroveiling buyers is FREE.
  • A minimum turnover on a yearly base is not mandatory.
  • The entire offer can be checked in advance via

Never bought on the clock? No problem – with your first buying session, a Euroveiling co-worker will assist you, until you master it fully!