Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

As a company active in the "green sector", Euroveiling has to set an example, certainly when it comes down to our environment.

For that reason, last year's several measures have been taken to minimize our ecological footprint:

Solar panels

In 2012, 2520 solar panels have been installed on the roofs of Euroveiling, generating around 700 MWH on a yearly base. This 721 KW power installation enables Euroveiling to use green energy for the bigger part. Besides the economic advantage, it also significantly improves our CO2 exhaust, that will decrease with around 197 ton per year. 

Electronic transfer of documents

The communication with buyers and suppliers is almost fully digitalized, to enable us to decrease deforestation.


Beginning of 2015, the supply and distribution around the clocks has been automated (electronic tractors), with the goal to improve working conditions and make clock sales run more smoothly.

Sustainable lightning

In 2018, all offices have been renewed. All fluorescent lamps (TL) have been replaced with LED's that are controlled by motion sensors. Besides a decrease in consumption they also last longer.

Waste management policy

End of 2018, our new waste management policy has been launched in order to guarantee a clean working environment. All waste that derives from the auction has to be presented in a sorted way and disposed of via 5 recycling points divided over the auction.

New building

From 2019 to 2020, several construction and renovation works have been done on our site. During this process we always chose materials that meet higher insulation standards. For lightning we invariably chose LED's.

Besides an improvement of the working conditions, these works also enable buyers and suppliers to do business in a modern auction.