Clock sales

Clock sales

Despite a strong digitalisation in our sector, our auction hall with 510 seats, remains the beating heart of Euroveiling. Three times a week, we give you the possibility to present your product assortment on the clock.

Sales pass via 5 auction clocks that display all relevant information about you and your products, such as the product name, the grower, price, quality… The final price is determined by supply and demand.

Buyers can purchase with a simple push on the button!


  • Always take care of a correctly filled in EAB (Electronic Supply Form), to provide buyers with as much info as possible.
  • Inform Euroveiling sufficiently in advance when you start supplying new products – this way we can make some promo for you.
  • Always add a representative image to your EAB – this creates confidence with the buyers.
  • Be consistent with the supplied quality and build a reputation of a grower you can buy from “with your eyes closed”.
  • Regularity and quality are always rewarded.


Never supplied products on the auction clock or at Euroveiling before? No problem – the first time you supply, a Euroveiling co-worker will assist you, until you fully master it!